Get A Custom Cease & Desist Letter

Get more information on how to solve your dispute with a Cease and Desist letter


When an individual or business is infringing on your patent, copyright, or trademark


When you have been the victim of slander/libel, whether verbally, in print, or online.

Debt Collector

When debt collection agencies are harassing you and you need immediate relief


When you are the victim of harassment in person or online and you need to put a stop to it


When you’ve experienced a breach of contract or tortious interference and need it to stop immediately


When you are the victim of trespassing or vandalism and you need immediate relief

Social Media

When you are being harassed on Social Media and need to put a quick stop to it

Former Employee

When a former employee has been defaming your company or disclosing trade secrets


When your neighbor is harassing you or your family and you need to put an end to it


When your landlord is trying to change the terms of your lease or is breaking local regulations


When your tenant is violating the lease agreement or is engaging in problematic behavior


When your roommate is causing problems and you need to change their behavior

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